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Thermale Fluide, S.L designs, manufactures and markes, all type of valves and industrial equipments, with a high professionalism degree and innovation in our designs.  For it, we have specialized personnel and select the materials of the best quality, appropriate to obtain the best technical results and the satisfaction of our clients, so much with the technical advising, like with the strict execution of the delivery terms according to their necessities, offering the continuous improvement of our processes and the growth of the organization.


This is the word that best sums up our philosophy. It represents our primary aim for the future. Since the beginning, our business activity has known how adapt it to the technological changes and market requirements. In order to improve the development of our product

Today, Thermalefluide is a solid company as dampers, valves and expansion joints supplier.

Custom Solutions

The Technical Office of Thermalefluide collaborates with our clients, providing more compact and economical designs which we adapt to the requirements of each installation

Quality Politics

Meticulous production and careful quality control executed in each supplied unit are guaranteed the satisfaction of our clients. Our costumers are our pride, leading companies have placed their confidence in us and for this reason we seek always to obtain the highest quality level.

Thermalefluide, has as objective, to manufacture with quality industrial equipments, opening our presence on the domestic and international markets, thanks to the innovation and improvement continues of our human team.

We work to grow up day by day, guaranteeing always the maximum efficiency with biggest simplicity and with the commitment to look for better results for the clients, satisfying their necessities and expectations.

Future Vision

To be a company of first line as manufacturer of industrial equipments at national level, by means of the constant innovation of the products and services for our clients, with which maintain an interaction and information continuous, having the support of highly qualified personnel and committed in improving the quality in all the aspects of the organization.

Philosophy Managerial

Our Commitment

With our costumers:

To give them attention and personalized service.
To be punctual in the deliveries..
To offer excellent quality of our products..
Information updated about our products and services.

With our suppliers:

To fulfill our commitments.
To respect the agreed conditions.
To maintain a flowing and constant relationship.
To support their development. 

In the society administration:

To be punctual in our acquired commitments.
To be efficient. 
To maintain some good external relationships
To elaborate modernized information and reliable

With our human team:

To stimulate the development of the whole personnel, across permanent training, to offer to him the opportunities of growth and to foment the harmony, efficiency and quality in the acting of their work, with an open communication and transparent.


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