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We worked so that its company has the best equipment.

Our teams are designed to diminish the costs of production, maintaining the but strict quality.


Butterfly Valves for Conventional Flows:

Valves type Wafer.
Valves type Lug.
Valves with Flanges.
Valves with closing Metal-Metal

Dampers & Valves for High Temperature :

Butterfly Valves.
Blind Valves .
Guillotine Valves .
Gas Distributor.
Deviations Valves .
Metal Expansion Joint
Textile Expansion Joint.

Equipments for Urban Solid Residues:

Rocking Valves .
Closing Valves .
Revolving Valves .
Discharge Silos .
Turbo - Fun.
Elevator of Buried Containers.





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